After years of PuTTY, Windows finally has an SSH client!

It’s a long-overdue move that’s guaranteed to delight developers who use Windows as their daily driver. Microsoft is introducing a native OpenSSH client to Windows 10. The software is available as a beta in the Fall Creators Update, and as demonstrated in this video from ServeTheHome, is pretty trivial to install: Hard Fork! Hard Fork? ?

We believe strongly in a free and open Internet. Net Neutrality is a core component of this freedom and openness. If it is repealed, small companies like Copilot will be at a significant disadvantage if Internet providers choose to charge more for certain types of traffic. Startups and small companies are at the heart of innovation in tech, and the plan to repeal Net Neutrality will stifle that innovation. Keep the Internet free and open for everyone!

You probably don’t want to auto-connect to *every* wifi network…

Your iPhone or iPad automatically joins Wi-Fi networks you?ve previously connected to. You can now override this behavior, telling your device not to automatically connect to a specific Wi-Fi network. Your iPhone or iPad will remember its passphrase and other details, but will only connect when you choose to do so.