Receive help with your computer:

  1. Enter your invitation code and click "Go"
  2. Click the link to download the Copilot Host
  3. Run Copilot and allow the helper to connect

Help someone with their computer:

  1. Enter your name and click "Go"
  2. Email the person you are helping
  3. Download and run the Copilot Helper

Need to help someone with their computer?

Copilot helps you fix someone's computer problems. Say goodbye to doing support over the phone and hello to fast, easy connections.
Get started now!

  • Connect quickly and easily, with no configuration or setup.
  • See their screen, move their mouse, and type on their keyboard, from anywhere in the world.
  • Connections are encrypted with 256-bit SSL, keeping your sessions safe and secure.
Copilot has been used for over 1,478,000 connections!

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